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Estonian Creativity Awards shipped out in Woola's compostable packaging material

Updated: May 4

We are back with more news! Our team has been working very hard on developing our compostable packaging material. We're pumped that our first commercial order has been shipped! Woola packages were used to ship out creativity awards called the Golden Eggs.

Woola's compostable packaging material

The Golden Egg awards were shipped to the authors of the best creative work in Estonia in 2020. The awards were chosen by the Estonian Marketing Association. Congrats to all the winners, your work was awesome! 🎉

Since the awards are fragile, our partner Omniva wanted to make sure the awards reach the recipients elegantly and in one piece. They chose to use our sheep wool packaging and saved more than 50 meters of harmful bubble wrap from circulation. You can read all the details from their blog.

Woola is excited to keep working on making #sheepulareconomy happen. In the meantime, you can keep in touch with us via our website, Instagram or Facebook.


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